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MMM will change this world for the better MMM is a mutual aid system which yet had no any analogues in the history of mankind. It was founded by Sergey Mavrodi, the man who set a goal of making the world around us better and more honest. Take a look around - the world is unjust! Why do people who really work, doing a tremendous amount of work, receive a mere pittance, which is clearly not enough to meet human needs? This is not about animal needs - to eat or drink, but namely human ones! To be happy, we need money, this is far from being a secret. When a person can afford what he wants - he is really happy! Should there be supposedly a system on the planet, proclaiming - work and earn money, then why are those, who really work, desperately short of money? The great majority of ordinary people take loans from banks. Today almost everyone is a bank debtor. And all this is due to the fact that it is profitable to the government, oligarchs and bank executives. They are just those people who with a little effort receive huge amounts of money, quite undeservedly. MMM was created to solve this problem. The mutual aid System does not aim to destroy the existing financial structure, but seeks to create a new, never yet seen community where everyone will live in prosperity and enjoy life. And the current financial system will be no longer needed by itself. It will simply lose out competition! Eventually global financial Apocalypse will happen! MMM is a large social financial network. Here millions of participants across the globe voluntarily cooperate and provide selfless assistance to each other. So and in no other way, the financial slavery will be defeated and people will be happy. People transfer money directly to each other, completely of their own free will, without any guarantees. A man, having decided to become a part of the world's largest mutual aid System, is ready to help financially to another person, who may be completely at the other end of the Earth. In turn, each participant, who has already helped someone, can ask for help for himself, and he can be sure that he is not going to be refused! This is a unique system, and it is already proved through practice that it has 100% right to exist. Today the participants of MMM are truly happy people! There is a lot of evidence nowadays that MMM can really be trusted. At present, the system has evolved into a powerful, strong, independent, international community where millions of people worldwide have received assistance. While the assistance is considerable, through which people are able to fulfill their long-held dreams, which again evoked a smile on the faces of the people not believing in the possibility of a just peace of mankind. Every day an increasing number of inhabitants of the planet stop to doubt the System of mutual aid and become its part. The fact is that there simply cannot be any doubt at all. Everything works perfectly, everybody is happy, all is joyful and positive. Why waste time on hard work for pennies, when you can help people and in return receive even a greater help? You can begin to finally live happily, to develop, to have fun. MMM today can easily be called the best way to earn money. What is the use of working, if it is possible to become a participant of a mutually beneficial system that makes everyone happy? MMM - the best online earning Usually, newcomers mostly look at the Community as a way of earning on the Internet. Let's take a look at MMM from this side as well. A lot of people are now looking for an opportunity to make money online, while making no special efforts. However, as a rule, all ways of earning money are fraudulent or it is necessary to perform a routine job and to be paid a penny. There are real earnings in MMM - it couldn't be any easier! And here, most importantly, you are responsible for yourselves. You do not work for anyone, or enter into another fraudulent project where people are cheated. We do not deceive anyone. We offer to make money on the Internet now, not: tomorrow, after tomorrow, in a month, nor after you learn something, perform, sell, lose ... To earn money on the Internet now is possible! You don’t have to sell anything in MMM - any supplements, or wonder frying pans. Business on the Internet can yield nothing at all. Besides money. The big money. Strange, right? But it is a fact! Contribute as much as your soul tells you - it will come back to you. Money can be taken from the air. And it is also a fact. The best way to make money online - it is when you know the truth about someone who works with you: an e-mail, phone number, skype, forum - all at your disposal. The real people with whom you communicate - already half the battle. And therefore your earning on the Internet is real. You can sleep calmly! It is impossible to earn money on the Internet without investment - it's a fact. But why? Well, because your money needs to grow. To increase manifold. It means, investing some money on the Internet, if you are on our site, is vital anyway. While investing can be as much as you wish. And you will even get bonuses. You should not take orders from anybody here: you define yourself your income online. You are warned about everything. And don't say then that you haven't heard how profitable a business on the Internet can be. Do not say now that you don't know that big money on the Internet is real! Are you still trying to find out how to become a master of your life, time, and money? The best way earning money online is here! Money does not bring happiness. The main thing is the realization that it is available! The registration on the site takes less than a minute. All you need is to specify your e-mail, phone number, and your nickname in the system. All is beginner-oriented, thus there will not be any problems with the registration! Regulations All operations inside the system are performed through a Personal Office (PO). After you have successfully registered in MMM system, you will get an access to your PO. You can provide assistance and get help from other participants using special buttons. If you want to provide financial assistance to another participant in the system, you should click "Provide Help" and indicate the amount of money you want to transfer to another participant. After that your request is sent to the system dispatcher. It chooses a participant who needs help at the moment, and you in turn transfer the funds to this person’s account. All these actions are done very quickly and easily. If you want to get help, the situation is similar, only in an opposite way. You click on the button "Get Help", select the amount of the required financial request, the dispatcher chooses you and directs your “Get Help” order to the member who wants to provide assistance. And this participant of MMM transfers the money to your bank account. You are free to get in touch with the person who is assisting you, or who you are providing help to. Everything is transparent! It is important to realize that in MMM there is no main account, all the money is transferred directly between people, so it can't be stolen even theoretically. Thus it once again proves the fact that MMM is a social financial network. The assistance you provided "turns into" MAVRO (a conventional unit in MMM system). For example, if the participant has provided assistance of $1,000, he is awarded with 1000 MAVRO-dollars. MAVRO grow up to 40% per month! Immediately after registration in the system you will be able to get monthly 30% of the help you provided. It is important to note that none of banks all over the world (which today are much more unstable than MMM) can offer such conditions. The minimum transferrable amount to another participant is $10, maximum – $10,000. As soon as you make your mind up to provide help, you get into possession MAVRO, whose amount is equal to the transferred money. At the beginning MAVRO will be marked as "unconfirmed" until the participant receives the money you promised to send him. You have 72 hours to provide assistance, another member has the same time limit to confirm that he received the necessary amount. There is no need to be afraid that the participant will not confirm, but just will get the money and disappear. For doing this, he will be excluded from the system. As for you, the money you sent will not disappear. The administration will decide on the confirmation of your MAVRO, in that case if you have really transferred the money to another participant. Types of Mavro In MMM Republic of Bitcoin there are several types of MAVRO. 1) 20%-100% – EXTRA. Growth rate is from 20% to 100% a month. It is allowed to take your money out at any moment. 2) 30% – usual MAVRO. A classic type. Growth rate is 30% a month. Withdrawal is allowed at any moment. 3) 40% – usual 3-month depositary MAVRO. At that rate MAVRO are frozen for three months, and only after this period can be withdrawn. In total, your money will grow 2.744 times. If you want to take your money out before the expiry of the freeze, then you will not get profit from the deposit (40%), but usual one at the rate of 30% per month. 4) 50% – super profitable depositary MAVRO. In that case your money will grow 3.375 times for three months. The growth rate of 50% is going to be kept provided that money will be left untouched for three months. In case of ahead of time withdrawal you will be able to receive only the face value. 5) 100% – high-risk MAVRO. Here the growth rate is 100% per month, i.e. money will double in a month. Withdrawal is allowed at any time. If you invested $100, then a month later they would turn into $200 and in two months - into $400 increasingly. Orders for such deposits are distributed only among the owners of 100% MAVRO. It is a kind of the system inside the other system, which is a completely autonomous. If there is a restart on 100% MAVRO (we will attend to it later), it will not affect other types of MAVRO. The conversion of 100% MAVRO in any other type (and vice versa) is prohibited. No bonuses for 100% MAVRO are added. Interest on MAVRO is accrued every Tuesday and Thursday at 00.00 a.m. (GMT). Bonuses Besides, participants are offered to get special bonuses. There are four kinds of bonuses in MMM Republic of Bitcoin. 1) Referral Bonus. You are credited with a Referral Bonus +10% of the amount of the contribution made by each new member (referral) you invited into the System. The Bonus is paid in MAVRO 30%. You may take it out two weeks after the referral has provided assistance and got his Mavro confirmed. You can invite a participant through an MMM referral link or MMM invite (code word). You will get the bonus from each referral’s new contribution, but only for “new” money. This bonus allows to get a lot of money inviting to MMM Republic of Bitcoin new members. Thanks to this method the System evolves perfectly and ensures the never-ceasing flow of new participants. 2) Manager’s Bonuses. You have the opportunity to become someone's manager in the mutual aid System, a sort of consulting assistant. You have the right to enter the PO of the participant whose manager you are and perform any operation which the participant doesn’t know how to do. It means just helping him in this way. Participants choose their managers on their own. Manager don’t have real authority over the participants. There are multi-level bonuses: 5%, 3%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.3%, 0.1%, 0.05%, 0.03%, 0.01% and so on indefinitely. 5% – for those who specified you as their leader. 3% – for those who selected their managers the participants whose manager you are. And so on. Here is the example. For example, if John selected you as his manager, George selected John as his manager and David’s manager is George. It means, you will get 5% from John’s contribution, 3% from George’s and 1% from David’s. If someone is under David, you will get 0.5% from him and so on. 3) Registration Bonus. When registering participants are granted with the bonus from $20 to $100. Definitely, this money is given to the full-fledged participants making their first contribution. +$20 will be credited to you if your contribution is from $50 to $499. The bonus is frozen for two weeks. If you take out your contribution earlier, the bonus will be cancelled. +$50 will be awarded to you, if your contribution is from $500 to $2'999. This bonus is frozen for a month. +$100 will be given to you if your contribution is $3'000 and more. This bonus is frozen for a month as well. About freezing: it means if you withdraw your money earlier, you will lose only the registration bonus whereas the contribution with all interest accrued surely will be paid to you. 4) Bonus for the video in a "Letter of happiness". After receiving help each participant is obliged to send the "Letter of happiness" with an attached screenshot. If the letter is accompanied by a video, then the participant will get the relevant bonus. • 5% of the amount of the received help will be accrued if the video will show your face and voice, and of course, provide the proof of money receipt. • 3% of the amount of the received help you will get if you provide the video confirming the withdrawal, which will not show you personally. The bonus for video is frozen for 1 month, and if during this period you decide to remove the video, the bonus will be cancelled. Ideology - why МММ Republic of Bitcoin? The Modern World The Community is guided by its own ideology. It is an indescribably good feeling when you realize that you make the world better and move the world in the right course. You are a part of that good which is going to triumph over evil very soon. The modern world is bad. It is inhumane, unfair and unjust. This is the world of money. It is not for the people. It is for those, who produce money, for bankers and financiers. And ordinary people just serve them as attendants. They clean their palaces. What lies behind the social welfare? Labor. But why does a banker live a hundred, a thousand times better than a worker, or peasant? Why does a wildcatter live better? All of them! Do they work harder? It’s nonsense! It’s ridiculous to say! They do not even produce anything! No material values! But why? Don’t you know? Moreover, perhaps, you wonder with all sincerity now, reading all of this: "Well... Banker and worker, a simple hard worker like me or my neighbor Johnny! Hmm… it cannot be compared. Banker is a bank, money ... Relations and ties with the right people! But who are we together with Johnny? Nobody! Naturally, the banker lives better than we do." But there is yet nothing "natural" here. The point is that everyone got used to this state of affairs and they took it for granted, as a matter of course, a banker has to live better and it cannot be otherwise. But it may be otherwise! So why? Why does banker work less, but live better? Better than a worker or miner? However, intuitively you’ve got the answer by yourselves. Because "the banker is a bank, money". Exactly! MONEY! This is the whole point, the cornerstone! And about them, about the money we should talk more in details. So, what is money? Have you ever thought about it? Is it a payment tool or the measure of labor? As we are told from childhood, almost from the cradle: "We have to work, work and work!.. Money won’t fall down from the sky. It should be earned honestly and hardly!.."Etc., etc., etc. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Familiar ad nauseam. Say it, by the way, to Abramovich (russian oligarch, a multimillionaire and owner of English football club "Chelsea"), who honestly and hardly earned all his billions. Then have a look at his reaction. You will laugh to death. :-)) Well, you might work with no end in sight. Honestly, being confident that you are doing it right. But what should we expect in the end? A small pension and half-starved old age? Poverty ... You have spent all your life, working for some oligarch, you have been taken away all your power, energy and health, you’ve been squeezed like a lemon, and after that you’ve been just thrown into the dustbin as the used material. Is it fair? But this is the reality, horrific reality of modern society. This is what almost certainly we should all expect in the end; everything ends up in this way for the vast majority of people in today's world. As it ended up for their mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers ... As it will end up, in the present state of affairs, for their children and grandchildren ... great-grandchildren ... Then, in their turn, for their children and grandchildren ... And so on ... That’s the way of the world. Why? All of this is wrong, unfair! It must not exist! Why do some people have everything, but others have nothing? Why do some people walk in golden slippers, but the others barely make ends meet? They don’t know how to feed their children, although all of them “work honestly”. Why does it happen? After all we are the people, the brothers. We are "equal", aren’t we? Then why?! Because there is lie around us. A huge, continuous, monstrous lie. Do not believe anything that is broadcasted daily on TV by satiated and well-groomed ‘masters of life’. And people are not equal, and money is not even a measure of labor. All of this is an insolent and shameless lie. Lie, lie, lie and lie once again! It is just pulling you leg. Why do they do this? Just to make easier to control people. Just compare yourself with an oligarch now. (Or even an ordinary worthless deputy!) Are you equal? In what? You live, eat, and rest in a different way. He spends in a day more than you spend in a year! His wife doesn’t get out of Courchevel. And yours? .. He is treated in the best Swiss clinics. And what about you? His children and yours.. Have you compared? Well, where is your "equality"? Perhaps, you are equal in the rights, aren’t you? What does this equality in rights consist of? The right to work? Well, we have such a right. Nobody argues. Work hard for the benefit of…. You work hard at the factory, and he will hardly do anything. To each his own. The right to elect and to be elected? Hmm ... Well, you can elect, of course, you’re welcome. Just vote! And what about "to be elected"? ... Are you going to be elected somewhere? But you should have a nice bit of money for that, without which a common person will not be able to nominate himself for election. You need such kind of resources for various election campaigns that you never dreamed of! And what remains is just to heave a sigh. Though it shouldn't be this way. Now we move on to the money. It's difficult to admit but we are all slaves today. The slaves of money. More precisely, we are the slaves of those, who print money. We are the slaves of our masters. This is today's truth, which is hard but still possible to change! We will change it together. Nothing has been changed at all during all these centuries on Earth. We still have been living in the slave system. Only outwardly everything has become more decent, more delicate and more sophisticated. Our shackles are no longer heavy, rusty and steel, they are invisible and weightless now. As if they do not exist. You can go wherever you want. You can do whatever you want. You are free! But in fact the shackles still exist. Modern "freedom" is no more than an illusion. "Freedom" is an illusion. Money! That's the point! Well, where can you "go" without money? It is not the Stone Age today; you cannot live in a cave, dress yourself in animal skin and hunt for mammoth. You need a house, clothes, food. And this is all about money, money, money... And once again money! After all, everything around is just for the money. You cannot make a single step without it! But where to find the money? That's right, you have to earn it. Do you hear? Clatter of chains, whistling of the whip and shouting of the slave drivers? Have you ever thought that it is immoral to sell yourself? That it is a kind of prostitution to sell ​​your own strengths, brains, time... What is the difference from the selling of your own body? Yes, but you will object that people have to work. If everybody stops doing their jobs, what’s going to happen then? We will resettle to the caves again and will get dressed in animal skin, won’t we? That’s right. Everything is right. It is very reasonable, logical and easy to understand as ABC! That’s what I’m talking about! Nothing has changed at all during all these centuries on Earth. And these "convincing" arguments could be heard for sure in the slave society, when the slaveholders had been trying to make understand their obstinate, blunt slaves, who had not wanted to work for them, that it was necessary to work hard. (Stupid slaves! :-)) And later, quite recently, in historical times the landlords told their serfs: "After all, if you stop to work, to plow, to sow and reap, what’s going to happen then?! Our society will collapse! And we will die of hunger! We will run wild!" Yes, it is necessary to work, to create something useful for the society. Otherwise society will degrade and die. But firstly, we have to work voluntarily, not for a bowl of soup and not only in order to survive; we have to do what we like! And secondly, for that matter, once it is necessary to work - it is necessary for everyone. All people are equal, aren’t they? So let everybody work. The situation, when some people really make an honest living, while others simply print them (sitting back and sipping expensive whiskey or brandy), is abnormal. Such a situation is not acceptable in principle. And there are no "explanations" and excuses to this state of affairs. Absolutely! How is financial system organized? Let us be honest. Money is just paper, candy wrappers. They are not backed by anything tangible and, according to that, money is simply drawn. Sorry, it is printed. And then these candy wrappers are distributed among the slaves as "wages for labor". When the slaves are given an extra wrapper, it means their salary is increased. And they are happy. Are you shocked? Alas, c'est la vie. It is our bitter reality. How is the financial world organized? It is a pyramid. The Fed, U.S. Federal Reserve System is at the top. The Fed prints dollars. How much? As much as it wants! Of course, Fed adheres to some of its own internal rules and regulations; it tries, for example, not to print too many dollars to prevent complete devaluation of the currency, etc. But in principle Fed can print as many dollars as it wants. You are the master of your destiny. At least, there are no any external limitations for that. Absolutely! The U.S. Fed is guided solely by the reasons of expediency. The lower levels of this global pyramid are the central banks of different countries - all other local national banks are situated on even lower levels. (Of course, all of this is slightly simplified, but in general everything corresponds to reality and reflects an overall picture). Why do we need banks? Speaking figuratively, banks play the role of blood vessels in the social organism. Through these vessels the money (blood) from the heart (the Central Bank) enters all its organs. Money (blood) wash these organs, they bring life to them! Well, OK. "The blood vessels!..wash!.." - all of this, of course, is wonderful, but the main question is: why does the banker live better than worker? We still have no answer! So, what of it, that he is a blood vessel? Shall we give him cash bonus for that or vouchers for the enhanced diet? I, for example, build houses or bake bread. It is also very important. Does he work harder than me? No. Then why does he live better? And one more small question in addition. I've been working and working like a damned for public benefit, from morning to night, but anyway I can’t pay off the loans. And the majority of people are in the same situation. In general, lending situation is a very thorny issue. Is it normal? It is obviously wrong and unfair! Why do I constantly owe anyone money and actually who is that anyone? I owe money banks! These very blood vessels. In short, they make fools of us. Nothing new - as usual. The wealthy take advantage of the fact that we, simple hard workers, don’t have time to figure out all these tricky schemes, we have to feed our families. That’s why they take advantage of this situation and ride on our backs. Let's figure out calmly and slowly. But I warn that you have to strain your brains. It's not easy to unravel in a couple of minutes those things which have been tangled during the centuries by the best sophisticated minds of mankind, whose aim was wealth accumulation for their own needs. Let’s imagine a situation. Let it be Adam and Steven. And let it be Leonard, a banker of Adam and Steven. They both keep their money in his bank. Adam really wants to buy ….well, let's say, Steven’s bicycle. But he has no money. More precisely, he has money, but not enough - only $10, while Steven wants as much as $100 for his precious bicycle. That is a problem! How does Adam act? He gives Steven his $10 as a deposit and asks plaintively not to sell the bike to anyone so far. He says that he will bring the rest of the money soon. At the same time he runs to his bank, to the respected Leonard, to get a loan for the missing $90. By ill luck Leonard has no money at this moment, but he knows perfectly about $10, which Adam gave Steven. And where will Steven bring this money to? That's right, he will put these $10 in his lovely bank, to the same Leonard. Therefore Leonard asks Adam to come back tomorrow. In the hope that tomorrow he will get these Steven's $10. And everything happens in this way. The next day Steven brings $10 to the bank, the bank provides Adam these $10 on credit. Adam immediately gives them to Steven, who again puts them in the bank, the bank again provides Adam these $10 on credit, etc., until Adam the fool that way gathers enough money for the bicycle. So what do we have in the end? Adam finally got the bike from Steven, but at the same time Adam owes $90 to the bank (Leonard), and the bank, in its turn, owes $100 to Steven. In other words, those $10, which were initially Adam's, have magically turned into $200! ($190 of debts plus real $10.) But these $10 would also turn into a thousand dollars. Even in a million or a billion! If a purchase cost more. In this case our $10 would make the increasing number of its cycles, circuits from hands to hands. That's the scheme! So, what happens in today’s world!? It appears that banks also make money out of thin air without any problems?! Not only Fed can produce money, but banks either! And in fact, these banks multiply money without any control! And we're still wondering, why the banker lives better? Is the question settled now? It is not a secret anymore. The one, who produces the money, of course, lives better! But this is not enough either! From this moment poor Adam will never be able to repay his debts owed to the bank! No matter how hard he would work. Now he is slave to the bank, in credit bondage forever. Because those $90, which he owes Leonard, do not exist in nature! At all! Sly Leonard made ​​this money out of nothing; he created them out of thin air! Just one click! And $10 turned into $200. Yes, but you can object reasonably that the bank itself owes $100 Steven. And it turns out, that the bank is in credit bondage to Steven as well and it won’t be able to repay its debts owed him either. So where is the bank’s profit? What's the trick? Well! You ask what the trick is! This trick is in the fact, that bank has a lot of such "Stevens", thousands and millions, and they will never come to take their money all at once. If one Steven comes, the bank will give him the money of ten other "Stevens", that's it. It means that the bank’s debt is not dangerous and not burdensome. In fact, bank’s debt is virtual; it exists only on the paper or in the computer program. It will never be repaid in reality. Only in case of panic, when frightened "Stevens" suddenly will come for their money - all at once! Or what to your mind any other reason why banks go bankrupt from time to time? Here's why. Because there is not enough money for all depositors! There is 90% of thin air in the bank vaults. Thus, the bank is OK. It sails before the wind. We don’t need to worry about it. But our Adam has serious problems now. He has to repay all the debts owed bank! Completely!! Moreover with interests and, possibly, penalties. He will be forced to take new credits in order to repay the old ones. Then again the new loan… and again... and again… endlessly, until his death! And there is no way out of this credit running knot. It does not exist in principle! That's it! Trap slammed. Now Adam is a perpetual debtor of bank. He is a slave. From now on he will work, work, work and work for bank ... Until he dies. But still he won’t repay the debts. After his death his children and grandchildren will work for this bank. They all are future slaves of the bank. More precisely, they are slaves of this monstrous and cannibalistic global financial system, which spawned this ruthless and inhuman mechanism and which must be destroyed finally. Four myths about financial pyramids Myth 1 - any pyramid is all-time fraud. In the majority of cases it is so. Medoff, for example, had been cheating his clients for many years creating stories about profitable investments. He used those investments to pay off high interest. Well, what is it? Fraud. Pure fraud. But he rightly got his 150 years. However, MMM is a pleasant exception (probably the only one!) Nobody deceives and misguides anybody here. On the contrary, everybody is honestly said from the beginning that the structure is similar to the pyramid. Besides, all risks and dangers related to the participation in MMM are described in details on the website. Particularly, it’s clearly mentioned that there are no promises, guarantees, obligations etc. So any fraud is out of the question. If everything is fair. Fraud means deceiving somebody. Most assuredly! And there’s no fraud here. Everything is very clear and transparent in the System. Everything is based on the trust. Simple human trust and nothing more! Actually, it’s the most honest and kindest system in this lying and vicious world. The island of hope in the ocean of evil, envy and hate, in the ocean of hopelessness and uncertainty. Myth 2 - the participation in the system is always immoral. In order to get your income, you just «steal» money from those 10 people who come after you. They are miserable, deceived citizens! The pyramid can collapse at any moment and actually it doesn’t produce anything, it’s certainly bad for the economy. Well, it’s just silly. Frankly saying it’s silly! Yes, the pyramid doesn’t produce anything ( and who does by the way? Banker? TV presenter? Sportsman? You never know! The modern society doesn’t consist of workers at plants only). Nevertheless, where does the money the participants get go to? (their gains). They probably buy something for this money, don’t they? In other words, they invest the money in the economy. And people who really need the money this very moment are those who withdraw it from the system! They spend this money right away, recycle the funds (otherwise, what do they need it for? There aren’t so profitable interests anywhere). It means the speed of the circulation of money through the pyramid increases many times. So, pyramids don’t affect economy but stimulate it! It’s like a mixer stirring money in the society. Now concerning the issue of fair work. Fair work for whom? For rich oligarchs? Or for whom? They are those who through the fraud and trickery seized the power and now dictate you working honestly for them in their «honestly» purchased then plants and factories. Well, go on working. Fairly. Who is against it? So, they will buy some estates more on the sea coast. Do you really want it? Under the conditions of the modern financial system it’s impossible to work fairly! That’s the bad point! «Working fairly» means being a slave. The slaves were always inspired to «work fairly» for their masters. And they did it frankly believing that it had to be so and it couldn’t be otherwise. However, it CAN be! And now about the moral. Firstly, you don’t steal somebody’s money but people give it to you voluntarily! They do it for their own desire taking into account what they do and what they participate in. This is that main and essential difference of the System from all other pyramids where people are deceived, where one thing is characterized as another. In MMM it isn’t so. Everything is declared fairly here from the very beginning. You helped somebody and then you are helped by somebody. For no reason! It is not due to the obligation to do so but by your own choice. So what is immoral here? Helping each other? And here appears a doubt - have these moral people ever helped somebody? At least once? To any old man or old woman? Otherwise, why does it seem so wild to them? Shouldn’t it be natural for a human being to help another one? It is the opposite, the surrounding world is immoral and not the System!!! The system is a unique oasis, a little island, yet little island of kindness and honesty, with first sprouts, timid lights of something new and better, of truth, justice and freedom! What way is our world organized in? The weak can nothing! When you win somebody loses. If you discovered a new way for oil recycling the collieries closed, and the entire mining villages lose their jobs and salaries. You showed success, your competitors lost. Victories of ones always mean losses for others. It is a vicious circle. And it seems impossible to break it, it can’t be otherwise. But it can!! MMM! Here is the way out! There are no losers here. Everybody wins here! And only here! There is no other place. Nowhere! It is truth! In short, all these accusations of immorality towards the System are at least baseless but the most important is that they stem from the false message - sooner or later every pyramid is doomed to failure. But is it really so? Myth 3 - Sooner or later any pyramid will collapse. And everybody fears to be the last one. Well, firstly, the interpretation of the issue is wrong. Sooner or later everything will collapse - the Earth will cool, the sun will go off (not to mention banks, investment funds, insurance companies and similar organizations that sooner or later will surely fail! Without any doubts! By the way, why? They are so «right and good»… The question should be «How durable is the existence of the pyramids?». It would sound much better. So, how durable are they? Let’s put an example. Madoff's pyramid existed for several decades. And it would likely function even now if it were not for the crisis. But crisis is crisis! Force majeure! For the crisis even the most trustworthy banks collapse like a house of cards. Then comes dollar. It’s a pyramid without any doubts. Now everybody knows it. So, what? Does it disappear? No way! Well, let’s keep dollar apart, it’s a governmental pyramid after all, moreover the USA is the largest world economy that has its own rules and nuances as every governmental pyramid. But what about Madoff? It’s a private company but it existed for several decades! So, everything isn’t so simple here. You would say that Madoff and dollar are cool, but ordinary pyramids as a rule don’t exist for a long time and disappear quickly! There are so many examples! Yes, they really disappear. But why? Because they are headed by either outright frauds, seeking to steal money as soon as possible and get lost; or just accidental people without education: hairdressers, housewives or minor officials. What result can be expected in this case? A person gets magic bullet and uses it without respective knowledge. Install gas heating in the village of savages and tomorrow all tribe will explode. The same thing happens here. What did such organizers spend this money for? They started wasting it immediately, building palaces and villas, purchasing real estate. At best, they tried to invest that money in something thinking that they were financial geniuses. At worse, they stole the money keeping it for a rainy day. They were aware of their own capacities, the level of their education and understood that they had got such a great welfare by good fortune and they would lose it sooner or later! In short, they immediately started doing things they shouldn’t have done anyway - withdrawing money from the system. Of cause, when panics appear they feel lack of money and everything fails. Moreover, they usually don’t try to change such situations for the better. They give up and escape. Well, let’s have a look at the issue from the practical side. Let’s put a simple question. Why should pyramid collapse? If everything is paid to the participants like in MMM why should it collapse? Tell me at least one reason? Will the flow of new participants stop? Why should it stop? Will people on the Earth end? People from all over the world participate in MMM and their number always increases. On the contrary, the number of newcomers will increase constantly because every day more and more people become aware of the existence of such a wonderful System as MMM. Where everybody is paid such high interests. They will learn about it from their friends, fellows, neighbors, colleagues etc. At first hand! The only thing that detains people on their way to entering the System is their distrust. Doubts! Fear of being deceived. And if your neighbor tells you he/she has really gained money…Or your colleague.. Will you join the System? Will you think about it at least? And if your colleague drives a new snazzy BMW?! Yes, you will surely join the System! So why should the flow end? Anyway, till the system doesn’t cover the entire world, and you have at least one fellow or friend who doesn’t participate - keep calm! It means there are still people who don’t participate. :-)) Actually, the Community won’t collapse even after all people enter it! On the contrary, it will become more sustainable! Like the dollar. As there won’t be ways out of the system. And all money taken from the System will come back immediately. Have you bought anything for this money? But the seller also participates in the pyramid! Yet everybody participates. The entire world is covered! They immediately contribute this money to the System. It means this money won’t disappear. The money out of the pyramid will just lose its sense. The dollar as means of payment will just cease to exist. And it will be the start of Apocalypse. Myth 4 - The participation in the system is extremely risky. Generally, all risks are described at the website. So you are who decides. But pay attention to the following. Let’s imagine, you invest your money in some high-yield assets. There are a lot of risks as well! And even more! But still you invest money because "assets" are supposedly trendy! Let’s say you purchase shares of a company. The economy now is very unstable, and recently, we even have observed how the shares of the largest and promising companies lost their price. By the way, all indicators of Madoff were excellent. In the USA, where the financial control is the most rigid and strong! The same happens with banks. You invest the money you have gained with so much efforts during all your life, in such a money pit. Banks are not trustworthy now. Have a look at the statistics, recently they have a growing number of troubles. So, investing in banks now isn’t less risky than MMM. In other words, all these "safe" traditional investments aren’t reliable at all. At least not so reliable how they are considered to be. Put it that way. If we think a little bit, you don’t understand who you trust your money to. You do it just because the others do the same. And you have no choice. If not one bank, then another. Nearby. The very same. They are just the same! It is on the one hand. On the other hand MMM is a completely evident, open and transparent structure. The mechanism is understandable almost for everybody, even if you aren’t an expert in economics. People help other people. The old members are paid by the newcomers. That’s it! There’s nothing else, no tricks and traps! What is necessary for the stable work of the system? The constant and high level flow of the people. As simple as that. It can be reached easy thanks to the advertisement and high interests offered by the system. The interests in MMM are really high, in such a way that a great financial funnel will absorb money from all over the world with the increasing speed. It’s absolutely obvious. You don’t need to have a degree in economics to understand this simple mechanism. In other words, you invest your money consciously, being aware of how everything functions. So, what are the risks? Let’s go further. Let's speak about your PO (personal office). You get a request for transferring money (providing help to somebody). All contact details of this person are reflected in the PO, you can get in touch with him to ask how he is doing and whether he likes the System. You can also talk to other participants in chats and forums… It means you see all the process. It’s clear. There aren’t frauds or tricks. And you see it! So what is so tricky and "high-risky" here? US dollar Let’s go back to the most famous pyramid in the world - the dollar. It’s something extraordinary at all, when you come right down to it! Just have a look at the bill of $1 of the year 1971. At the front side of the bill there is the first president of the country - George Washington who was a mason. It looks like a simple green paper. However, few people know that this bill is full of mason symbols more than any other. So, let’s start our research. A few words about its appearance. Above the pyramid composed of 13 stages there is the all-seeing eye of the «Great Architect of the Universe» called Bafomet (Hippo, Satan) - senior in mason affairs. Only at the highest stages of initiation in the mason pyramid the contenders become aware of its existence. It is placed on the top of this pyramid. Fold $1 in half and you will see a great US bilateral seal (THE GREAT SEAL). At one side there are priests, and at the other one there are masons. Such an interesting gang. And the aim of this gang is very simple - to convert us into a world cosmopolitan herd without origins. The masons’goal is declared on the tape in the eagle’s beak at the right side - «E PLURIBUS UNUM». Of cause, in order not to frighten people, original Latin statement is translated as «Unity in diversity» etc. However, it really means «One nation from the variety». Under the pyramid we can see the words «NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM» that means «New World Order» (or «New Order For Centuries To Come»). Above the pyramid there is a Latin expression «ANNUIT COEPTIS» translated as «He blesses our deeds». We mentally draw David’s star, and at the tops we can see letters ASNOM that are easy transformed into «MASON». It’s also noteworthy that we far too often observe here number 13. Thus, there are 13 leaves at the olive branch in the paw of the eagle, 13 olives on a branch, 13 lines and stripes, 13 arrows in the paw of the eagle, 13 five-pointed stars (Magen-Shlomo) above the eagle’s head, 13 letters in the expression «E Pluribus Unum», 13 stones in the pyramid, 13 letters in the expression «Annuit Coeptis», in the centre of the bill there is a big letter «N» - number 13 in the ancient greek alphabet. 13 - mystical number of Satan. Besides, all of us know demonic «three sixes». The width of dollar is 66.6 mm. It’s very useful to show such inscriptions on the dollar to the people who always affirm that claims for the world domination are just a morbid imagination of patriots and anti-Semits. All this composition of the ancient mason symbols was elaborated upon orders of Rotschild and first sketches were made already by Adam Weishaupt. The designer was Russian mason painter Roerich. However, the symbology goes back to the times of Ancient Egypt. Inequality among the countries There is no even sense in discussing this issue. One doesn’t need to be expert in any field to understand that there are two categories of countries: that live tolerably and those that can’t make the ends meet. It’s especially noticeable when talking about children from the poor countries. These kids are dying of starvation. Is it the world economy? Is it progress? Who does really need such progress? MMM is the unique structure in the world that really can change the situation for the better. People from the poor countries can reach success together, live in happiness, prosper and enjoy their lives. When the Financial Apocalypse comes, and the Community engulfs the whole world, people all around will be happy, from all countries without exceptions. And there will be real justice and equality. FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE: WHAT IS IT? Financial Apocalypse! That’s the only thing that can break our financial chains and save us. Release us from the continuous slavery. In its fire everything old will burn and the new will appear. The same will happen with FED, this damned insatiable spider that tied the whole world with its sticky financial nets. The banks as they are now will disappear as well! Don’t trust them! They destroy everything alive, suck all juices from the society. These are parasites in the healthy body of the society, mites inflated by our blood, greedy leeches! What useful do they do? Give credits? At plundering interests? Why do banks get interests for the credit at all? Have you ever thought about it? Usury was always despised and now it is legalized. Why? If a person takes a loan in the bank he takes it for something…to do something good, to create a great project…applying efforts for the welfare of the society including bankers! Making something useful for all of us! We should encourage such people, making discounts but not skin them off! Nevertheless, modern banks were created for other purposes. They aren’t interested in the society but in their own goals. People aren’t important for them. Modern banks are faithful servants of the FED, greedy vampires, ghouls serving a giant evil monster, modern Count Dracula who made all world dependent and now sucks our blood. And it will continue….our children and grandchildren will suffer if we don’t stop it! Apocalypse! Only Financial Apocalypse! We just don’t have any other choice! We aren’t slaves but people! We choose freedom! Modern financial system is already exhausted and it isn’t able to exist in the nowadays form. We are coming closer to the end, and it will get worse and worse. We feel it every year. It’s silly to think that the labour will disappear if all people are provided with financial support. It will be there any time, but the motivation will change. People won’t work to get money and support families but to live better in this world. It’s a pleasure to create or build something. People really change when they join the Community, they become more kind and money isn’t the main motivation for them anymore. Firstly, they join the system for the sake of money but then they become financially independent and find a positive way of thinking, they have other feelings, desires and dreams. What contribution can MMM make? Thanks to MMM freedom is very close already. Now when the Community exists, financial Apocalypse is inevitable! Unavoidable! Since now it’s just the question of time. The seed was dropped. And it will grow. It’s already growing. Right now, at this moment! It will not perish! As we have already said that main goal of the system isn’t to destroy but create. To create new society where people will feel happy. And the current financial system will just disappear, it won’t withstand the competition. It will fail. Automatically! Well how do the banks exist? Thanks to oligarchs? Billionaires? No, due to the same ordinary people who deposit their savings there. MMM takes the wind out of banks' sails making people to see the reality. Why do the people bring their money to the banks at the exorbitant interests? Because they have no other choice, banks are monopolists: there is no other place to bring money to. All banks are just the same, they are controlled by the FED, and they simply destroy ordinary people. And now we have an alternative variant - MMM! It’s something new, close to our hearts! Here people help each other. Today you help and tomorrow you will be helped. It’s the main principle of MMM. Do you really want bankers to buy another limousine or house for your money? You should not become a slave. Better join MMM and your money will help those who really need it! Poor people, retirees, disabled people…Woman with many children. It’s a kind of common storage box where people save their money and then take it when needed. The amount you need at the certain moment (don’t steel but take money!). Actually, people don’t need a lot of money. They need consciousness that they have it. Confidence in tomorrow’s day is what they really need. It is just MMM that gives this confidence! It gives a feeling of partnership, you aren’t alone! At the difficult moment you will be helped, you will be supported! MMM is a unit of new society, brighter and better. New world where there won’t be money. Current money. Where everything will be otherwise… Fair and honest. Where there won’t be any slaves or owners. Where everybody will work for their own pleasure and for the whole society. Where Good will defeat Evil! It will be so! There are no doubts! The more participants the better. When the entire world will enter MMM the system will complete the circle and won’t collapse. It will become more stable. It means when having completed the circle MMM will be able to pay billions to every participant without any tension. The money will come back into the system immediately as soon as people start spending it! While completing the circle and getting closer to the end, the system will become more and more stable and reliable. The more participants will join it, the sooner MMM will become completely invulnerable and everybody will be happy. Evolution of MMM Today, it is hard to meet someone in Russia, who never heard in his life about MMM - the largest in the history of the country financial pyramid. Around the name of its founder, Sergey Mavrodi, there is so much contradictions, speculation and misinformation, that no wonder to get confused. While the reported by media provocations against him merely confirm the seriousness and magnitude of this man and his plans. The identity of the founder of MMM Sergey Mavrodi, as well as his work, still cause extremely mixed response in different circles - some people call him a supreme financial genius, the others - a notorious adventurer. But he does not leave anyone indifferent - it is a measure of the success of each of his projects! The first МММ pyramid of the year 1994 The history of MMM began back in 1989. Then in Leninskiy executive board of Moscow a cooperative "MMM" was registered. Up to 1991, the cooperative was mainly engaged in computers and office equipment sales, but the direction of the company activity often changed. Moving forward, it's worth noting, whatever business the founder of MMM Sergey Mavrodi took up it was quite successful and created great excitement among the public. A lot of people probably remember the days of free travel on the Moscow metro that were realized by MMM several times in 1991. On October 20, 1992 "MMM" was registered as a joint stock company and in fact it is the traditional birthday of MMM as we know it. In 1993 the first issue prospectus of OJSC "MMM" was registered. It allowed to release 991 thousand shares. The company went perfectly, and at year-end 1993 it paid dividends at the rate of 1000% per annum. Though, in 1993, shares had not yet been on sale and distributed, in fact, only "among insiders". On February 1, 1994 JSC "MMM" began to sell its shares, and people immediately began to buy them with great enthusiasm. Moreover the company with pleasure bought them back, but at new, much higher rates. Thus, the rate growth was very rapid nearly 100% per month. The principle announced by the company "today is always more expensive than yesterday" worked faultlessly. The shares were spread like hot cakes, and very soon it became clear that issued 991 thousand shares would be not enough for a long time. In this situation, the company tried to register immediately the second issue of a billion shares. There were no formal grounds for refusal, but the Ministry of Finance still refused the company. Sergei Mavrodi came up with the idea to release "MMM tickets" that were not securities. It was a really brilliant idea! After all, as formally they were just wrappers, they could be printed in any quantity and without any approvals. MMM tickets were sold in thousands of points of sale which were surrounded by large queues of people. Day by day the value of MMM shares was increasing. The company was in a huge success: by the mid-1994 the price per share had increased 127 times, according to various estimates, the number of investors had reached nearly 15 million people, and the company's turnover made up one-third of the country's budget. There was no time to count money, and it was counted "by eye", with the rooms where it was stored. MMM shares price (buy and sell prices of MMM tickets) was changed twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as it happens now in the MMM Community) and was published in almost all newspapers, on the radio and TV. In short, MMM 1994 advertisements were practically everywhere. Also there were all sorts of draws among investors, for example, the sensational contest "Miss MMM-94", you can find its photos in the archives. When the scale has exceeded all conceivable and unreal expectations, the government got worried and did not want to put up with such a huge and uncontrollable economic structure. Besides, Sergei Mavrodi did not have any contacts with the authorities in principle, although he kept being invited to the Kremlin "for negotiations." In addition, there was the impending cash privatization, the country was divided between "current» oligarchs, but MMM, with its almost unlimited funds, could prevent this process. And Sergei Mavrodi did not hide his intentions and repeatedly stated publicly that "would not allow to rob the country." The mass media started an extensive campaign against MMM masked as “warning investors about danger”. It was the beginning of a large-scale government’s pressure on the company. Now the central TV-channels demonstrated "anti-MMM" commercials. Officials of all ranks often performed on TV explaining that MMM was a scam. They urged people to sell their MMM-94 tickets as soon as possible. MMM-94 collapsed on August, 4t. Sergei Mavrodi was arrested in his apartment at the Komsomolsk Avenue "for tax evasion." The storm of his apartment (commandos descended on the eighth floor balcony using lines) was broadcast live on all TV channels. The storm of the central office of MMM took place at the same day. Moscow department of the Tax Inspectorate conducted a search there and announced that in the course of its examination "they have found gross violations of tax laws" prescribing to recover 49.9 billion rubles to the budget. The verification took nearly half an hour, and even now no one can still give a definite answer what happened to the money of MMM-94. The authorities simply turned a blind eye to it. Although hundreds of witnesses claimed and confirmed the fact, even under oath in court that they had seen 17 trucks taking out all the cash through the backdoor at that time. In October 1994, already being in prison, Sergei Mavrodi was able to register himself as a candidate for the State Duma on the Mytishchi district and was released from the prison. Later, he won the election and became a member of the State Duma of the first convocation. He refused all parliamentary privileges: salary, service apartments and cars. He did not visit any meeting of the State Duma. In October 1995, the State Duma deprived him the deputy status for "participating in business." In December 1997, he was put on the Russian and international wanted list via Interpol. Stock Generation Being wanted, Sergei Mavrodi, straight from his apartment in Moscow, where he was hiding, set up a new project, that time it was on the Internet, - Stock Generation (SG). It was recorded as a game of chance and focused on the Western countries. During the period from 1998 to 2000, hundreds of thousands (at least! Officially announced figure was 275 thousand, but there were some speculations in the Western press about millions or even tens of millions members) people from the US, UK, Australia and other countries joined the SG. Formally, the SG was just a game. It had the appropriate gaming license, and it did not violate the laws relating to securities. More precisely, it had nothing about them! Therefore, when the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) tried to accuse SG officially, it lost the case in the Boston court, which was quite unprecedented. SG Stock Generation was registered in Dominica, the famous offshore zone with a rather weak legal framework. But, nevertheless, the activity of Stock Generation was stopped on the base of the court order. MMM-2011: with each attempt getting closer to the goal It became clear that the main problem of previous systems is that the money was physically located in one place, and the structure itself had a legal status. All this caused the collapse of the projects and the seizure of funds through a variety of mechanisms available to public authorities. This made Sergei Mavrodi create a better system - MMM-2011 which kept the money on the participants’ accounts only. MMM-2011 was created completely from null, and made the revolution - before the world had never seen any analogue of system! Sergey Panteleevich was no " the owner of MMM" any more, but took the role of a consultant. He communicated with the participants through the official website through weekly video message in which he gave recommendations and expresses his thoughts and ideas on the system development. Participants had the right to follow these recommendations or not. The project was launched at the same time when the film "PiraMMMida" was released in Russia. The plot was based on the book - the story of MMM was told by Sergei Mavrodi himself. The system fully worked in a normal mode and provided the alleged payments to all participants. The main difference of MMM-2011 from the pyramid schemes is the lack of "tops". All the processes were managed by the participants themselves: there was not a legal entity or an official office, a central repository of money. MMM-2011 was a pyramidal structure of managers (10th manager, 100th manager, 1k manager, etc.) who each had a personal bank account and participants, among whom there also could be leaders. MMM participants, who would like to invest in the system, put their money into a ten’s managers’ personal accounts, from which the latter distributed payments to other participants. If there was not enough money for a large payment - the 10th manager turned to the 100th manager, the 100th manager to the 1k managers etc. The missing amount is transferred from the other ten’s groups or hundred’s group of one structure. All the money was dispersed among the thousands of bank accounts of the MMM cells leaders. MMM-2011 caused quite a stir in Russia and neighboring countries. And for obvious reasons the authorities began to fight against the system. Tactics in the destruction of the MMM-2011 was quite similar to the one used in 1994: artificially created panic among the participants in all the media, arrests of Sergei Mavrodi and 10th managers, advertisement bans and closing the offices - all these were the reason for the collapse of MMM-2011. The first ones who panicked because of the large-scale of MMM anti-campaign were leaders of structures. Money that had been stored in their bank accounts was enough for simultaneous payment of 0.1-10% of the participants of their structure, not more. They knew it, and, therefore, began to hold money to pay for themselves and their loved ones. Average time of getting help increased from 3 days to a week or more. Payments delays quickly grew and scared a wide range of participants - the panic spread to them. Sergey Panteleevich failed stopping theу panic even with the use of a wide range of different measures. And June 2012 the restart was declared – the end of MMM-2011 and the start of MMM-2012. Money of MMM-2011 has been paid to participants at the discretion of managers - all equally, or those who are most in need. During this difficult choice, many participants began to pursue their former leaders. MMM-2012: everything is just beginning! June 16, 2012 Sergey Panteleevich announced the launch of a new MMM system - worldwide mutual-aid fund. That day MMM system meant two ways of participating: participants who wanted to provide assistance (make a "contribution") and participants who wanted to get help with interest (ask for "assistance"). Software of MMM personal account considered the sum of all stored money in the accounts of the participants who clicked the button "Provide Help" common money of the system. When someone wanted to get paid from the Systems, the MMM asked one or more participants clicking on "Provide helped to send money to the person requesting for assistance. Thus, MMM - was a common virtual wallet with all participants’ money and software connecting people who wanted to provide and get financial assistance at the same time. It was the first step toward creating a perfect MMM After starting MMM-2012 faced serious problems with advertising (previously it was relatively free). Since then and till today none of the advertising agencies work with MMM. They explain it in the following way: "We will place your advertisement, but a few days later we will get a call from the city administration and be politely asked to withdraw under threat of punishment. Therefore, we won’t post it." It used to be so, and it keeps going like this now. This is the reality. MMM had a lot of money on advertising, but was not able to use it! The advertising budget was used for the payment of the MMM-2011: 10% of the total turnover of money was spent on repayment of debts. There was a great shock after the restart - all this reduced the personal activity of 10th managers. They didn’t feel like attracting new people and contributions. What for? Everything works well and you can sit on the couch and count money in your account. Some of the "top" MMM leaders having access to the statistics of its major structures foresaw the situation. They together decided to take advantage of the situation. These actions caused a massive panic among the participants. It was the end of December 2012. The human factor is detrmining again Some top leaders MMM, having access to the statistics of its major structures, foresaw the situation. Together they decided to use it for their own personal gain. They managed to attract several CRO workers (MMM security service) who together with the heads of traitors started gossiping about Mavrodi’s and other CRO members’ widespread theft. There were even rumors that it was not Mavrodi at all, but his twin. Real Mavrodi had been taken prisoner by the FSB or the bandits before launching MMM-12, and then they were all together taking out money from the System. And it was about to collapse. The actions of these "leaders" led to widespread panic among the participants. The aim of all these actions was: to capture the audience, made them trust them and take those people to another financial pyramid for their own enrichment. The project was called ASFN. It was organized by a former associate of Mavrodi and one of the most successful leaders of the MMM-2011. The fourth part of all System participants listened to the traitors, and left MMM, which they greatly regretted about later. People were encouraged to invest all their saving in ASFN to bring back something from MMM. Having invested – they lost everything. ASFN collapsed two months later, and the traitors and frauds disappeared together with money, having sown discord in MMM. It was the end of December 2012. Global Experiment January 25, it was announced about the restart in MMM and the creation of separate structures with their names and rules. The whole concept of MMM was changed. Now every person, who thought he was smart enough, could come up with their rules of work, place them on the site, wait for them to be realized by programmers and get to work on the basis of total private accounts. It was a global experiment: the official site featured more than 250 structures with different rules and interest growth. Administration of MMM in no way interfered with the work of these structures, leaders care about their development and payments on their own. Against this background, Mavrodi announced the creation of his "Experimental Structures" (ES) with the highest growth rate - 100% per month. The end of May, 2013 is coming. Despite all the warnings about the dangers of participation in the MMM, restart shock and betrayal, a lot of people were seized with greed on the high interest rates of ES. The participants began to make large contributions, sometimes highly risking. Consumer’s approach - investing money, making money turnover and grabbing as much and fast as possible. It failed to provide the necessary inflow of incoming money for MMM stable operation. The experiment is over. May 21, 2013 it was announced about ES debt resetting, changing interest rates and changing the name "Experimental Structure" to "Etalon of stability." Interest rates were chosen to be optimal based on the experience of existing 250 structures. In few months all the 250 structures were united into one - in MMM. The system, after nearly a year searching the optimal path of development, again becomes united and operates by common rules and under the supervision of S.P. Mavrodi. Everything was back to normal. It is the beginning of a new MMM being prosperious nowadays. Managers (10th managers, 100th managers, 1k managers etc.) have been completely removed as an institution. All participants became equal. Now everyone can register people in MMM and get Referral bonuses. There is no need in special knowledge. In MMM there is no power of people over people, there is no concentration of money, there is no weak link. MMM is not a pyramid scheme any more where money flows up to the top. Now it is a global mutual aid society where money is transferred directly between people by their own free will, but according to the MMM-2012 "rules". There won’t be any restarts In early November 2013, for the first time in the history of MMM, the PAUSE mode was introduced. This is the universal mode of MMM operation against any emergency. Now we can say without hesitation nobody loses money in MMM. You may not receive interests you hoped for, or receive them - but 2.5 months later. But you won’t lose money! In this regard, a lot of participants of MMM, upon the recommendation of the S. P. Mavrodi, began to give short term notary guarantees for the security deposits to the new members, secured by their own means. 16 August 2014, despite the fact that Sergey Panteleevich said there would be no any restarts in MMM – it was announced the next restart. It was very special in all senses. Firstly, this restart was completely caused by the participants themselves for no visible reasons having destroyed MMM just in one week. The panic! A week ago everything was paid, and today – it is over – no payments. The participants’ reaction to the "intermediate MAVRO", introduced after the second in the history of the MMM PAUSE mode was totally unpredictable - people started simultaneously asking for help (for "intermediate" withdrawal was not instantaneous, but money was taken out by equal parts during four weeks). Secondly - restart rallied leaders. No one left MMM and no one gave up (as it happened after the previous restart). They all together kept promoting the ideology of the Community, conducting master classes and seminars. The renewed MMM took into account the shortcomings and problems of the past pyramids, which could be identified only by experience. The main aim was to create a System that is entirely independent from external influences. Had the world financial crisis, catastrophes and cataclysms, Yes, even a nuclear war... the System would live, because it is fully automated, legal and independent from human factor! And, therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of if you take part in the System with your spare money. MMM Global In order to spread MMM ideology all over the world and give the opportunity to live happily not only the citizens of the ex Soviet Union but all inhabitants of all our planet it was decided to launch a large-scale project MMM Global. The Community unites all countries of the world into one. Financial Apocalypse is so close as never. The branch of Free People of the foreign MMM department was launched - Global Bitcoin Republic! Now all countries where it’s possible to purchase and sell (exchange) BitCoin can register in the international structure MMM Global! The Dispatcher works for the mutual aid in all countries where people can provide and get help in BitCoin! Now there are no borders, no obstacles for the development in small countries where there are restrictions for the international bank transactions! MMM Global unites all continents to hit a vital blow at the world financial system! Day after day new participants join the system in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and America. Joining all countries into one (creating Bitcoin Republic) the system introduced own innovations. It has become more forward-looking and larger. Every day the inflow of new participants increases and all the development of the community forecasts are positive. There were also created separate branches for different countries including China. A new sustainable community MMM China was founded, and the citizens of China now exchange their money with each other creating strong independent group of happy people that constantly increases. In MMM China members can make transactions from one banking account to another as well as Bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin Bitcoin is prospectively developing cryptocurrency. Nowadays you can easily get it at any country of the world. Actually Bitcoin is now considered to be incredibly promising. Some analysts believe that Bitcoin will be able to significantly undermine the dollar and, as a consequence, the FED, by 2021. One of the computer specialists of the FED said about it anonymously on the website Reddit. He worked in the office of the Federal Reserve in San Francisco and got an assignment to assess the potential threat of crypto-currencies to the dollar and the FED. According to the analysis, this analyst believes that Bitcoin is a huge threat to the dollar and the world monetary system, managed by Central Banks. He writes: "We have received an instruction to simulate a situation in which Bitcoin as a developing currency reaches the status of major currencies. In addition to the usual in such cases, modeling and forecasting, we were given the task to evaluate the possible cash flows, changes in interest rates, baskets of derivative securities, insurance risk and the global effect on the monetary policy and trade deals. The results of this experiment turned out to be amazing. Even at the average rate of penetration in economic reality and unstable growth rate, Bitcoin had a very noticeable impact on the results of the modeling, forecasting and, ultimately, comprehension of monetary circulation in making decisions concerning monetary policy. We came to the conclusion that this situation may result in the fact that in the end the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government will lose a significant portion of their control over monetary circulation. Even in the most optimistic (for the FED) situation, which being based on the current adoption rate of Bitcoin, an expected tipping point falls on 2021-2026 year. By this time the dollar's role as the key backup tool will have been completely undermined and usurped by Bitcoin and the fed will have lost its status as the major authority managing global monetary policy. These simulation results were independently verified by other departments, and then I presented them to the FED Board of Directors. The Board members were concerned about the results and for three days they carefully studied all the details provided in the report and interviewed surveyed employees. It should be noted that unlike elected politicians, the Fed Director are highly skilled professionals, who are able to understand the essence of what is happening, and to draw the appropriate conclusions" Interestingly, according to the same anonymous source, “highly qualified” specialist from the fed still made their conclusions from this report, and did everything possible to ensure that that fact wouldn’t become public knowledge: "Three weeks after the submission of the report, my research group was disbanded and I was sent to a tiny regional Department of the Federal reserve, where there are no topics and resources for further research. The same situation happened to other members of our team – so most of us are actively trying to find work outside the system. At the same time, strict nondisclosure agreements make it impossible for us to talk about the results publicly. Personally, I would try to go to work in the field close to cryptocurrency as my primary research interest. It is clear to me that Bitcoin is fundamentally changing the way economists should consider the monetary model and simulate the economy. Definitely, Central banks are very scared. They are afraid of the government, and they would rather bury the truth, suppressing the publication of specialized studies about the scale of the coming impact of cryptocurrencies send the reports like the one we made directly to the archive." Former presidential candidate Ron Paul has also previously said that the dollar might be replaced with Bitcoin. He said that if a lot of people started using bitcoin, then it would enter the history as the currency that had destroyed the dollar. Paul, however, cautioned that “governments have demanded an absolute monopoly on money and credit. They will not surrender. The process of the dollar replacement will be very painful.” It seems that recent events confirm these fears. Central banks watch the progress of cryptocurrency, and do a detailed study and modeling this phenomenon. The results show shows that cryptocurrencies represent an existential threat to their monopoly (as reported by an anonymous source), the question arises – what actions will they take to neutralize this threat? MMM is constantly evolving in order that the progress will move more rapidly. Participants take special training courses. If the member wishes to learn how to invite new people how to develop, he is sire to get a helping hand. Mutual cooperation and understanding each other is the key to success! Actually, it is the direction which MMM moves towards. MMM Extra The next step of progress was launching MMM program “Extra”, which has been developed over past few months. The key principle MMM Extra is "extra" interest accrued in exchange for active promoting MMM on the Internet. Now MAVRO of those who contribute more to the development of MMM and, accordingly, complete daily tasks, will grow to 40% per month. And MAVRO of those who will not do any tasks – 30% per month. How does it work? There is an appropriate section – MMM Extra – in PO. The main section page contains a list of tasks for the current day with a brief description. The participant selects one task and goes to the page with step-by-step implementation instructions. All the details will be explained with parts attached screenshots – even a beginner will figure them out. Their implementation will take 5-10 minutes maximum. The only thing that is required is to have an account in popular social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), as the tasks mean promoting MMM and increasing traffic to the official website. Upon completion of the task the participant have to provide proof of its execution in the appropriate field in the PO. For example, if the task was to post a message in a Facebook page, the confirmation will be a link to that post. After that, the task is sent to the moderator. In this case, the member can see the status his task: pending, approved or not approved. If the task has been approved, we will get additional interest. If the task has not been approved, it is allowed to do the same task again till the execution time is over, or select another one. The goal of MMM Extra is to encourage participants for systematic and daily work on the development of MMM. Thus, in order to get a higher percentage a day, you have to complete the task necessarily on that day. For participants’ convenience in PO in section MMM Extra there is a timer that shows the time (GMT) left until the end of the day. To realize MMM Extra project MMM introduces a new type Mavro — “Mavro-extra”. They can be “acuired” during providing assistance. Mavro-extra grow not only on Tuesdays and Thursdays but every day: at midnight (00:00) GMT. If during the day the task has been accomplished, Mavro-extra (after that task has been checked and approved the moderator) increase by an additional percentage (that if all the tasks for the month have been completed, Mavro grow by 40% per month). However if you have already acquired 30% Mavro, they will remain until you sell them. Bonuses (Referral and Manager’s Bonuses) will continue to be added to Mavro-30%. Thanks MMM Extra participants got another opportunity, helping the Community, making the Community more active and stable, to help themselves and get additional income. The idea really works, and the success of its implementation depends on all participants. You should not miss such a chance. Sergey Mavrodi Anyway, it is impossible to fully understand MMM without getting acquainted with the personality of Sergy Mavrodi. Sergey Mavrodi is the founder and leader of the MMM Community. MMM, of course, is the main achievement in his life, but not the only one. Sergey Mavrodi, having a degree in mathematics, worked as a programmer and participated in the development of the first operating systems. The company he founded was one of Russia's leading distributors of computer equipment. He was a Deputy of the Russian Parliament. His literary works were published and sold in bookshops. He has written scripts for two movies. His poems were turned into songs. Childhood, talents Sergey Mavrodi was born in 1955, in Moscow in a simple soviet “middle class” family – of a worker and an economist. He took a memorable surname - Mavrodi - after his father, half ukranian greek, was left a memorable surname. Since high school the young man showed great talent in the exact sciences, he was the winner of numerous physical and mathematical Olympiads, sometimes he even conducted lessons on behalf of his teachers. After school he entered in the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering at the Department of Applied Mathematics, from which he graduated in 1978 with the specialization “artificial intelligence”. Whilst in the University he got interested in Sambo, and soon became master in sports, not losing a single fight, and having a weight of 60 kg became the champion in Moscow in the Open category. Upon graduation Mavrodi worked for some time as a software engineer, but then resigned and started a simple business – trade of the audio and video recordings. MMM -94 In 1989 Mavrodi founded the cooperative society “MMM”, based on which, then created a few dozen of other commercial structures. The corporative society, in particular, was engaged in computer supplying, which were only at their starting point of accessing the market’s daily turnover. In 1992, the brand became universally recognizable after Mavrodi offered, several times, to all the residents of Moscow a day of free of charge travel in Metro. Since February 1994 the joint-stock company "MMM" started issuing the tickets and sell them through a wide network of offices throughout the country. In MMM offices people were able both to buy tickets and to sell already purchased tickets. The price which MMM bought and sold tickets at, rose twice a month. This means those who bought the MMM tickets could sell them in a month at a double price. MMM commercials were regularly on the Central TV channels. And the society got really excited. These tickets were not securities. Thereу were no promises that MMM ticket price would double in a month. Therefore, the actions of the MMM could not be regarded as a classic Ponzi scheme. Sergei Mavrodi did nothing wrong and did not say that money was invested in high yielding business projects. Sergey Mavrodi was planning to spend the money accumulated in MMM on buying companies that were being privatizated at that time. And then to give out those company’s shares to MMM ticket holders. In that case there share holders would have been not a handful of super-rich oligarchs, but dozens of ordinary citizens. Sergey Mavodi describes his intentions: “There was privatization in Russia. Let me call things by their proper name - total cheating and robbing helpless and ignorant population. MMM lasted only six months – a period during which the number of participants reached, according to various estimates,10-15 million, the total amount of deposits – a third of the national budget, the price of shares, designated on a “discretionary decision ” at the rate of 100% per month, increased by 128 times. In the summer 1994 the government closed down MMM. Those who had bought MMM tickets couldn’t sell them back to MMM. Sergey Mavrodi was accused of tax evasion. Then he was arrested. Why didn’t law enforcement forbid selling and buying MMM tickets at the beginning? Why had they been waiting for six months? Probably law enforcement realized that they had no grounds for intervention. From a legal point of view there were no reasons to claim MMM: people were just buying and selling MMM tickets, these were not investments. But then six months later, when over 10 million Russians became owners of tickets, the state understood that MMM was a serious competitor and decided to destroy it at any cost. And didn’t worry about those who had bought MMM tickets and the consequences of these actions. “The system did not collapse. She was artificially destroyed at the peak of its development,” believes Mavrodi. In the criminal case the witnesses told about 17 trucks in which, special forces commandos had taken cash from MMM’s office. . The Deputy of Russian Parliament Directly from the prison the founder suspended the activities of the system and started collecting signatures for registering as a candidate for the State Duma of the Russian Federation. After two months was signed in and released. Due to a high rating, Sergey Mavrodi was elected Deputy of State Duma. During Mavrodi’s election campaign he did not keep as a secret that he went to State Duma solely for the sake of the parliamentary immunity, and since elected as a deputy, he had not been present at any of its meetings as well as he refused to have all deputy’s benefits. The government was looking for a pretext to expel Sergey Mavrodi from Duma. He was accused of doing business activity. According to Russia’s Constitution Parliament Members don’t have the right to do business. In a year, October 6, 1995 State Duma deputies terminated his deputy authority ahead of schedule. Arrest and trial After Sergey Mavrodi was deprived of his deputy's seat the measures of investigation against him were resumed, to the previous charges as part of the MMM activities another one was added - of fraud. He was put on the Russian, and then the international wanted list. More than 5 years he was hiding in a rented apartment on a nearby street, close by his home. In 2003 Mavrodi was arrested. According to prosecutors, the damage that MMM did to the millions of investors, was estimated at $ 110 million. As stated in the indictment, all MMM funds were spent solely on the development of MMM: payments, advertising, salaries, opening new offices, etc. Mavrodi spent virtually nothing for his own needs - he did not buy any yachts, palaces, planes, etc. The investigation lasted for 3.5 years and another year there was a trial. Thus on April 28, 2007 Chertanovskiy Court sentenced Sergey Mavrodi to 4.5 years of imprisonment in a general regime colony. Mavrodi was convicted under the article 159 of the criminal code (fraud). As mitigating circumstances the court considered that the founder of MMM was previously unconvicted and had a dependent minor child. The court did not take into account that MMM had not given any promises about the cost increase of the tickets and that MMM had not entered into any contracts with the ticket buyers. And, what is more, the court left out of consideration, which social problems JSC MMM tried to solve when began to produce tickets. Literary activities After the release from prison Mavrodi practised writing. In 2008 there was a publishing of his book "Temptation", written by him in jail (the author's name - "Lucifer's Son"). The book consists of more than 100 short stories, where each describes one of the human vices. Sergey Mavrodi's authorship includes a lot of poems of philosophical, love and civil themes. On some of these texts there were composed songs. On the basis of the events of 1994 there was produced the film "Pirammmida". Sergey Mavrodi wrote the screenplay for the movie, which was distributed by Universal Pictures Russia company. Revival Of MMM In February 2011 Sergey Mavrodi recreated MMM. And it was no longer a company, or an organization, but a community of people. Mavrodi has taken account of the mistakes of the year 1994. Money is not stored in one place. Now, in theory, there is no money in MMM - all the funds are only on the accounts of the participants. Whilst MMM just connects those who want to provide and receive help. In the spring of 2011, the analysts and experts in the field of finance stated that people would not transfer the money, if they are not guaranteed to gain profit. Though, MMM has successfully started. And already for more than 3.5 years the Community has been successfully developing. Nowadays MMM combines several millions of members from around the world. Sergey Mavrodi’s quotes “The cowardice has lots of names. I do not fear nobody’s and no types of calls. You shouldn’t be afraid at all, of anyone or anything. A feeling of fear humiliates. You lose yourself.” “You can betray only that who trusts you. The worst sin – betrayal!” "Everything has its melting point. Friendship, loyalty, love, honor… Everything! And may God protect you from confirming this terrible truth in practice, on people close to you. And there are abysses where one better not look into. Since there’s nothing else but betrayal, lies, dirt and meanness.” “If they treat you unfairly, humiliate you, abuse your honor and dignity – fight! By all the available means and methods, without regard to anything and without looking back. Defend it, your honor! At any price. Any!! They used to duel for the honor. If you are silent and let them treat you like a dumb animal, a slave, what are you complaining about? Slaves don’t have honor.” "The truth is almost always unpleasant. It’s unattractive and unpleasant. It is only a lie which is nice, beautiful and elegant." “When everything is available you don’t want anything. There’s nothing there, on the top, there’s vacuum. But in order to understand it – you need to visit it. So I visited it and got to know.” Any promise is from evil. Every time there’s something hided, embroidered, understated. The key points are always highlighted in a certain way… And this is so common and ordinary that is widely perceived by everyone as a norm. But it’s not a norm at all – it’s a deceit in any way. And deceiving is not good. So I don’t deceive anyone and in anything!” "Yes, people are wicked. But you should be kind!” Interview Sergey Mavrodi gave a lot of interviews for various publications and just interested people. They are really a whole lot, and in all of them Mavrodi gives precise answers to each question. He never goes away from the awkward questions because they simply do not exist. And this is because Mavrodi really knows what he is doing, he knows how to achieve the goal, that's why he always speaks confidently and firmly. Let's look at some examples: "Dear Mr. Mavrodi, I'm working as a scientific applicant at the Business Department in Harvard. I am interested in alternative economic systems. You have a lot of experience in this area, and I would like to learn more about your MMM ideology. Is it possible to organize a skype interview or send to your personal email a letter with my questions? If you are interested here's my email ... I'm working with an interpreter, therefore you'd better contact me via email or we can arrange a Skype call along with an interpreter. Dear Mr. Mavrodi, I would like to know more about your activity. I would be very grateful if you could take the time and answer my questions." 1. When did you decide to start MMM? What has inspired you to create MMM? In 1994. There has started privatization in the country, during which all national heritage, sources of million generations were supposed to be ransacked, fallen into the hands of the crew of scoundrels and rascals without honour and conscience, actual oligarchs. People did not understand what was happening. I just was quite aware of everything and therefore decided to step in: to buy all the state property at the auctions held at that time − the shares of the most profitable and promising industrial enterprises and financial institutions, and to distribute them among the ordinary people. MMM was just created in order to quickly accumulate the necessary funds. 2. What, in your opinion, did the people like in MMM at the beginning? Super-profitability, of course. (100% per month.) Otherwise, raising funds in the shortest possible time and in such quantities − was simply unachievable. 3. Could you explain the way of MMM functioning in accessible language to an incompetent man? Now MMM is organized as a mutual aid fund. People help each other, transfer money to each other, directly, without any intermediaries. MMM actually just plays the role of a supervisor, connecting people with each other. I.e. There is no central account, where all money of the participants is accumulating (and from which they can be then easily stolen). There is even no legal person! There are only millions of participants, ordinary people, sending each other money. While sending them for no reason, without any guarantees and commitments. In fact, you just give money to another person, a complete stranger, demanding nothing in return. (Where have you seen that except in MMM? Since the idea of goodness still lingers on in people. No matter what.) Everybody is warned about all the risks - conceivable and inconceivable (that you risk extremely, can lose everything at any time, etc.) . I.e. there is no deception and, respectively, fraud, in principle, everything is absolutely honest and transparent. So, you join the system (register on the site). As a participant you will have a personal office (PO). There you will declare the amount with which you are willing to provide help. You will receive in your PO an order with the bank details of the participant who at this point needs your help. In addition the order will include his contact details, that you can communicate with him and make sure that it is indeed a real, alive person, the same ordinary participant, as you. You have the choice - weather to provide help or not. If you do not, you are removed from the system. In case you do, you are credited in your PO with MAVRO (internal currency of the system) for the amount you provided help. They start growing at 30% per month. At any time you can request help within existing sum of MAVRO, figuratively speaking, to "sell" them. And that's all. Easy as pie. 4. MMM has existed for many years. What do you think has changed significantly over this period? Nothing. Substantially - nothing. And what, actually, could have changed? Banks, Fed, interest rate ... Everything, as usual. Financial slavery. Everything stayed the same. 5. In Russia and India some people call MMM a Ponzi pyramid. How would you counter that criticism? A Ponzi pyramid in this case regarded as inevitable deception and fraud. When people are imposed upon all sorts of the investment with excess returns, and in reality they are paid at the expense of the others. It is a variant of Madoff's scheme. While there is no deception in MMM. All are initially warned that one is paid at the expense of the other, and nothing more. No any "deposits", "investment" and no activity at all. Only some people get help at the expense of the others. What of it? What is wrong here and needs "criticizing"? When the people on their own initiative, consciously, want to take part in this? Any charity works a similar way. One gets paid at the expense of the other. (And in fact that's the way of the world :-)). By the way, the System is violating no laws. We do not fall within the definition of pyramid. In any country! All the definitions of all countries necessarily contain such a qualifying criterion as commitments in one form or another. Whereas in MMM there are no any promises or commitments at all. And it is impossible to prohibit people to deliver each other their own, honestly earned after tax money, without any guarantees and promises and demanding nothing in return. It cannot be forbidden in principle. Then it would be necessary to prohibit the institution of private property as well. And the right to manage at sole discretion your own cash funds. What if I choose to burn them away? Actually, I have the right for doing this. 6. What are your future plans for MMM? You'll see. Along with all the other ones. :-)) As well, here's another very interesting interview, answering one of the Russian magazine's questions. 1) Sergey, tell us on what principle MMM is working. Have I understood correctly that having invested 20 000 rubles today, after a month, you can receive 50 000 rubles, but with that you must invite three more people, who necessarily will have to invest 20 000 rubles, otherwise, the initially invested money will remain in the system and will not be allowed to be taken back? I say! The whole idea is insane! I do apologize. :-)) It is not so in fact. Far otherwise! It is the Global mutual aid fund. Good and kind business. Where people are helping each other. On a gratis basis. Without any conditions, guaranties and commitments. Simply because they want to do so. After all it is their money. They provide help if they wish to. (All this, by the way, is written and explained in as much detail and clearly as possible on the website: that it is charity, in fact; that you just give the money; that none can guarantee or promise you its return; that there are no any rules here! etc.) And it is not necessary to invite anyone, what nonsense! In a sense, it is welcome, of course, you are even paid for that bonuses , but it is absolutely not obligatory, but quite optionally. If you do not want to invite - you are free not to do it. In any case it has nothing to do with the payments, in principle. How is everything working from the technical point of view? Extremely simple. Once you decided to provide help to someone, say, for 100 rubles i.e. clicked in your PO (personal Office) on the button "Provide Help", and specified the amount - you will receive the bank account details of another participant to whom you need to transfer the money within 72hours. Have you not transferred? You will be expelled from the System. (There is no good to fool the people! Nobody made you speak up that you want to provide help.) Have you sent the money? You will see in your PO account a sum of 100 mavro (a kind of internal currency of the system). And this amount starts to grow immediately, at the rate of 20% per month. It means that a month later you will have already 120 mavro, in two months - 144 mavro, etc. Thus you can ask for help up to this amount. At any time, even the very next day. (Let me just remind you, that nobody is bound to help you! They may provide help or not. As luck would have it. It depends on how the cards fall. Though usually the help is provided. For some reason:-)). What should be emphasized is that the money is transferred directly between the participants only! There is no central account, on which all money is accumulating (and where they can be then stolen without effort:-)). Only directly, without any intermediaries in the name of the administration. In the request appearing in the PO will be indicated not only bank details, but also the contact details of the person willing to get help. You can directly contact him, communicate and make sure that he is the same real, ordinary participant, as you. In other words, everything is fully overt, honest and transparent. In fact, MMM is just regulating the communication among the members, playing the role of an ordinary supervisor, and no more. 2) Sergey, I'm not biased against you, and would like to talk to you just as a human being. Sergey, you write books, plays, poems ... Tell us what your literary activity is about? " I'm not biased against you"- Does it mean you neither adore nor admire me? It's your loss! :-)) About writing - yes, indeed, I' m writing to some extent. That is my kind of addiction. :-)) Assuming that literary activity I started only in prison. In my outside life I had not even tried it - no way! (It would be hardly possible at liberty. These hollow vanities! While in prison there is all the time of the world ...) First, in Butyrka and Matrosska prisons I kept a diary. But then, when I was delivered to the H-block, I was denied keeping it. ("Well, I'm unlocking the secrets of prison regime.:-)) and then I started writing prose. The Novel " Lucifer's Son". Lucifer speaks with His Son and shows Him all human vices in a specific context. By putting ordinary people in extraordinary situations, tempting them! And these temptations they usually can't resist ... The novel consists of separate short stories-days. Every day there is a new hero, new story, and a new human destiny. I strongly recommend reading it. (If you do not be afraid of course. For it is not allowed to talk to Lucifer and listen to Him.:-)) You will be really enjoying it. My literary gift is even above the commercial one. It has no equals! It is, in fact, not even the literature at all. You simply physically will experience each hero's story along with him. Then, after a while, I began to write poetry. But that's another story with it. I have never written poems in my life. Even in my youth, the time, when everybody likes doing it. But not me. I even could not rhyme two words and genuinely believed that it was not really my thing. But then, one day, a cellmate asked me to write him a "love" poem . For his wife. (Well, in a letter to her, he wanted to write a poem. It was maniac Hovrinskiy, by the way. Together with his partner they killed women with a club. He loves his wife and daughter , and, as I remember, he all the time wrote the letters to his wife.) "But I do not write poetry!"-"well, remember any good one". He stuck like a bur! In brief, I decided to write him Gumilyev's «Giraffe»: « O, the look in your eyes this morning is more than usually sad,... " I remembered everything, but there were two lines which I could not call to mind for the life of me! I tried to remember! ... - But it was beyond hope. And I decided then to finish those two lines by myself. To correct the literature classic, so to say. And you know, those two lines he liked best! This inspired me so much that I began to write poetry. Lord works in mysterious ways! 3) I have watched your "prison diaries" on YouTube, where you are talking about your life in prison. How did you manage not to break down psychologically and, in spite of everything, to resume your activity? There are no ready recipies. It depends on a personality. I, at least, did not make any special and meaningful efforts in order not to "come to pieces". Everything had worked out well by itself. I just behaved as was right in my own sight, and stayed as I am. Perhaps this is the "recipe". Try to be yourself. Even there. But generally I mentioned earlier. Prison is like a dust hole. Everything is rotting there. As it is known, only precious metals do not rot: gold, silver, platinum. That is, what you got in gold and silver, will remain unchanged. As for the rest... In a word, it is not recommended to get there. Take my tip. 4) Sergey, where from you have got such knowledge in marketing, management, financial accounting. Where have you learned all this? I have never studied anything, no marketing and managment. (Well, and who can teach me? :-)) Intuition and common sense was always quite enough for me. That just proves that all these management studies are complete rubbish, crude show-offs. Actually, I always knew that. :-)) 5) Do you have any activities (business, projects ...) besides MMM? I 'm not engaged in any "activities" but Financial Apocalypse! What sort of "projects" can be there? :-)) 6) What is your philosophy? And what is the most important thing you perceived in your life? There is a phenomenon of taboo and it is no good to violate it. Never, and under no circumstances. No matter why! It is impossible, and that's it. The same as it is prohibited to eat people. For example, a betrayal. You must not betray. None and never. After that you are not a man any more. A subhuman. An Alien. All people intuitively avoid you. Wouldn't you feel irrational, pure animal horror, having found yourself on a desert island with the man-eater? Even if he has repented long ago? This is not a man, but a monster. He tasted human flesh, that he will never forget. Yes, now the monster is asleep, but he can wake up at any moment. Likewise a traitor. He tried the taste of betrayal. Overstepped the line. That's all! There is no turning back. 7) How do you pass the time today? Where do you live? Actually I'm on the wanted list. All-Russian. Therefore let's set aside the question about "where I live". On the Moon. Or Alpha Centauri. :-)) 8) Do the authorities impose on you pressure at this time? How do you deal with them? Like I care! 9) What are your future plans for the development of your project? Since the former grandeur of MMM is never found again. MMM now numbers not even in the millions. And not even in ten millions. India, Indonesia, Malaysia... And many other countries. And the new members are constantly joining us. It is regarding the question of the former grandeur. :-)) However, you will see everything yourselves. Along with all the other. You will not miss it, have no doubt! :-)) 10) Sergey, can you give our readers any admonition and wish, in the end) I have only one wish and instruction. Immediately Join in MMM!!! Don't waste your time! And it brings you luck. Time is money. Together We Change the World! :-)) P.s. As well, I believe that the financial apocalypse is inevitable! The founder of the mutual aid System gave a lot of such interviews, and all of them are very interesting to read. Everything for the participants’ convenience User Tutorial The social financial network MMM aims to grow up all over the world, treats with respect every person. We all are people and everyone has own character and world perception. It’s clear that the beginners who come to the system and initially have some difficulties when trying to understand certain situation. That’s why we elaborated special user guides for beginners including detailed video instructions. In order to help participants to understand the mechanism of work the manuals for all questions were elaborated - starting with the registration in the system and providing help and ending with getting help and recording «Letter of happiness». Everything for comfort! Almost everyone can understand how the system works. Both student and retiree. That’s not important what computer knowledge and experience he/she has. Everything is easy, simple and extremely understandable. Regular video messages Sergey Mavrodi regularly records video messages for the participants of the Community talking about all news inside the mutual aid System, plans for the future and current events. Therefore, the participants can listen to the MMM leader directly. It proves again that the social financial network is open, transparent and fair. Nobody hides and nothing is hiden. Calculator of Happiness In order to help participants to calculate what sum and when they can get, our programmers created so called «Calculator of Happiness». It is simple to use! Just enter the amount of money you want to provide, choose the growth percentage depending on the type of contribution and see what amount of money you can get in a certain period of time. Everything is extremely simple and easy! Offices While the system is developing new offices of MMM is appearing around the world. You can always go there and get the detailed consultation on any issue and you will learn how to provide and get help. The participants of the Community in these offices will help you to register in the system and even can become your managers. The only thing you need is to come, to talk and ask for the consultation to understand how to provide help. Everything is fair and transparent. The number of offices is only increasing. It means we are on the right way and the world will soon change for the better. There are types of MMM offices: classic stationary, mobile (info-stands or satellites) and electronic where there are no real people but equipment that allows to get in touch with the consultant on-line and take necessary steps. Nothing will stop us! Mobile site and Mobile application Some participants can’t have an access to the computer all the time. In addition, using the computer is not always convenient, whereas the phone is always on hand. Therefore MMM programmers developed a special mobile version of the website that is easy to use via smartphone (to read news, testimonials and so on), as well as a mobile application through which you can easily and conveniently perform the necessary operations in your Personal Office. Everything was created for ordinary people, not experts, so the application is very easy to use, though it is really multifunctional. Current features of the application: web application realization multiplatform. We have tested out the efficiency with the IOS (4s/5/6/6+, IPad) and different other devices based on Android platform v4-5. the possibility to connect several Offices to one application. the view of the requests work with the orders. Bank details, contacts. Order status change. Chat with a possibility to send messages and files. background data synchronization. Usually during two minutes (maximum during two hours). dynamic application update. (with a confirmation request) new participant registration (same as on the website and through the button from PO ("add a participant")) order creation writing letters of happiness The mobile application is being updated and added with new features. Manager's School For people, wishing to actively promote Community, but not having sufficient knowledge how to act in order to invite strangers into the System, there was organized a special Manager's school! The Manager's school is completely free for each participant of MMM regardless of the rank! From now on, participants will no longer experience problems in attracting new people. There is now a unique chance to undergo full training with the experts and become a true professional in your field. The Manager of MMM is a serious professional status, having mastered which, you will become a forever well off person. Financial freedom and the realization of conceived plans becomes reality for those, who know the way to them. At school you will gain all the necessary knowledge, materials, and most important - a guide which will help you to reach your goals. Here's a short list of what you will find at the Manager's school: 1. Work in social networks (working with different robots, services to increase the number of daily contacts and rating); 2. Work with graphics editors; 3. Work with the programs for professional video editing; 4. SEO optimization; 5. The secrets of the targeted advertising; 6. Creation and monetization of the channel on Youtube; 7. Creation of your own site; 8. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming); 9. Work with objections; 10. Maintenance of groups, publics in social networks (everyone can build his group at least up to 50 000 members, upon the methodical work and minimum cost) 11. The technique of cold contacts by phone and skype; 12. Various strategies to attract mlm agents and not only; 13. Work in team. In fact it is far not everything that is taught in our school. Having finished it you condemn yourself to success and fast career progress in MMM. We can guarantee the rank of 100th manager in a month to each student, who will be with the right attitude to work. Therefore stop waiting - it's time to act! Who successfully passes the first stage - gains access to the second, and then respectively to the third. Do your best - as you are going through the school, you will not notice how your rank will increase by tens, even hundreds of times! Education is organized from the cheapest methods - to full-fledged advertising campaigns. Successfully progresing through the school stages you will be able to afford increasingly expensive and more effective instruments. During the learning process initially there will be given quite in-depth knowledge of work in social networks and tools to actively construct a structure. But a friendly coaching staff and high-quality lessons will make the learning enjoyable and easy to understand! The participants trained in Manager's school receive an increased leader bonus of 7%/5%/3% and so on, instead of the classic 5%/3%/1% and so on. Webinars Besides the Manager’s School, MMM regularly holds various webinars. They can be for beginners, experienced players, and advanced managers. Or general ones. Online video conferencing allows you to more clearly understand the ideology, to give the necessary guidance, to discuss the latest news (in the System and in general on the planet). By conducting Webinars MMM unites the participants into a team going to a common goal – the common good! Online consultants The site also employs professional online consultants who are ready to help you with any questions about the System you may have. If you are interested in something or you don't understand how to do, or you just have any questions about a particular event in the life of the Community, feel free to contact these people. On the website there is a special window through which you can get help from the specialist. Experts are also constantly improving, theyregularly do special training courses to increase the level of their qualification. If you having joined the Community decide to try yourself in the role of a consultant, you can attend special training courses. You can contact the MMM Administration to ask for the opportunity to participate in the development of the system as a consultant. Remember – everything is in your hands. Together we can change the world for the better, so continuous personal development and, consequently, the development of the system are a major step to success. Demo PO Community programmers also developed a demo version of the Personal Office. This is done in order people who are in the System yet could test out how it works without contributing real money. Instead, they can create order and provide assistance with "virtual money" to "virtual people". It is very convenient for getting to know the system, and anyone, even without registration, has the opportunity to try to work with the demo version of the Personal Office. Term Glossary To help beginners to understand the life of the System, MMM Administration created a special dictionary for beginners that explains the meaning of certain terms that may be unclear for a newcomer. ACCOUNT (abr. acc.). Personal page of the user, personal area, profile, account in MMM where different data about the user (for example, his website configurations, information about MAVROs accounts, status in the system etc.) is maintained. ANTICREDIT. Citizens aid program held within MMM particularly in the MMM offices that gives people the opportunity to get money at the minus interest rate. It means the “borrower” returns 10% less than he or she received. BEGINNER. New participant who has recently registered in the system and has just started to get to know MMM. BONUS (ES). Additional remuneration, award. The opportunity of getting higher interest rates through the different offers fostering the development of the system. CALCULATOR OF HAPPINESS . “Contribution” calculator allowing to project the possible sum of the money one can get in the future regarding on the conditions of the participation (sum of the provided help, expactation terms, chosen “interest rates”, currency etc.) CC. Call-center. Department that deals with incoming and outgoing calls CODE. 1. Law that provides full systematic regulation of the group of the relationships. 2. In MMM it is a law approved by all participants of the System that reflects the principles of the relations between the participants. The MMM Code states that all people are honest and trustworthy and denies the necessity of any contractual relations a priori. CONTRIBUTION 1. Money deposited by the individual or legal entity to the bank or enterprise for the storage during certain or uncertain period of time. According to the Civil Code, the bank is committed to return the amount of the deposit and pay off the interest rates in conformance with the conditions prescribed in the agreement [3, 4]. 2. In the frame of MMM these notions can be understood nominally. “Contribution” means a sum of money the individual invests in the System. In other words, it is a sum of money he or she does not mind to share voluntarily with other participant. The participant who has provided help can then expect to receive the increased help from other participant(s) in a certain period of time. The expected terms of getting the help and the expected interest rates for the provided sum of money are determined by the conditions of the “Contribution”. CONVERSION. 1. Conversion of the bonds of one type or category in the bonds of another type or category. 2. Cross currency conversion of MAVROs. It means the conversion of MAVROs of one currency type into the MAVROs of another currency type allowing to “play” with the quotations of the chosen currencies taking into account the instability of the stock market. For example, MAVROs rubles can be converted into MAVROs dollars or MAVROs euros according to the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. CONSULTANT, -s. Active MMM participants (managers) ready to help beginners to get to know the system and able to explain the principles of the MMM work as well as the ways of interaction between the participants. If necessary they can help with the registration. CRO. Department of control and revision regulates the relationships between the participants and functions as the third party in the conflict situations. Also detects and eliminates abuses, frauds (unfair participants), controls financial relationships. CRO can impose sanctions (penalties and blocking) towards “violators” CURRENCY, -ies. Money unit of the country used in MMM for “purchasing” and “selling” MAVROs or providing and getting help. CURRENCY ZONE. Using unique currency for several countries in order to accelerate and making easier “settlements” between the participants of the System. CUBE, -s. Moving promotional tent used as advertisement in the public locations. DESCENDANT. Participant that remains in the same branch (structure) as his manager but one or several rungs lower. DISPATCHER. Special program. PA functionality allowing to put in touch the participants who want to provide and get help automatically. DEMO-PO. Demostration personal area that gives the opportunity to see without registration how the personal area is organized and have a look at its functionality, it means understand the technical bases without making “contributions”. DISSENTER. Betrayer. Ex-participant who betrayed the system, disrupted it and betrayed the idea. Founder or agitator of hyip project who “poaches” the participants of the system in order to deceive them for the own benefit FA. Financial Apocalypse. Cease of the current functioning of the world financial system. FAKE. Lie, false, deception, falsification. FAKE SCAN. Fake, false, untrustworthy digital document. Particularly, Fake Scan in the PO means false confirmation of providing help by the remittent using false check, screen etc. FLASHMOB. Organized massive action where a lot of people appear in a public place making accepted actions. FREEZING. Freezing of MAVROs. Unavailability of MAVROs for the withdrawal during a certain period of time. For example, manager´s bonus is frozen for two weeks. It means you´ll be able to “sell” MAVROs only in two weeks after the receipt. IDEOLOGY. 1. The system of notions that has become a “manual to act” of a society, community or even country. Ideology is the accepted idea that allows an individual to act in a certain way in the surrounding world. With regards to content, any ideology is a synthesis of scientific, spiritual, political, economic etc. knowledge directed to solve real problems. For example, the ideologies of communism, socialism, fascism, nationalism, fundamentalism, separatism etc. The ideology regulates the rules the individual or society has to follow determining the behavior and the character of relations . 2. In MMM it is the system of ideas and values that completely change the attitude of people towards money in its usual perception. The MMM ideology shows the unfairness of the world financial system and generally accepted commodity-money relations. INVITE (NICKNAME IN THE SYSTEM). Invite, code word or set of symbols granted to the participant. Pseudonym, nickname. In MMM invite and Nick in the System coincide. If using invite (specifying it) during the registration new participant becomes referral of the invite holder. LABOR WEDNESDAY. Weekly community day introduced by SPM for overall system flash mob. LH. Letter of Happines. Letters of happy participants who received financial help from other participants of the system. LIGHT VERSION OF THE WEBSITE. Simplified site version particularly for the users with slow internet connection. МММ. 1. Together we change the world. 2. International mutual aid fund created on the basis of the financial pyramid principle. 3. Community of people who share their money voluntarily without any guarantees, conditions and promises. MAVRO. 1. Virtual (toy, unreal) “currency” used in the PO. Conventional unit of measure accepted in MMM. 2. PO section reflecting the quantity of MAVROs, their characteristics (unfreezing date, growth rates etc) and the functionality for the restructuring and conversion of MAVROs accounts. MAVROACCOUNTS. Account with certain id in the PO section “MAVROs” obtained due to the certain event, performed action or operation. MAVROMOBILE. Car of the MMM participant pasted with the symbols of MMM. MAVRONEWS. Weekly summary of the video news about the MMM system. MAVRORACE. Convoy of vehicles with the symbols and (or) flags of MMM. MANAGER. Participant who develops actively the system, invites beginners and advises them on the issues concerning the system. MIRROR, -s . Exact copy of the data of one server in another. When talking about internet, we call the mirror of the website the exact copy of another site. Generally, site mirrors are used to provide the same information in the several sources. MOBILE APPLICATION. Mobile application for Android devices. MOBILE VERSION OF THE WEBSITE. Website version created for smartphones. MULTIACCOUNT (abr. multi). Multiple registration of the same participant in the system in order to get benefits via fraud. For example, to get referral manager´s bonuses of own “contributions” or several registration bonuses. Punishable. Equivalent to fraud. MUTUAL AID. 1. Providing help each other among several individuals. 2. In the frame of MMM it means providing voluntary grant financial help by one participant to another participant or group of participants in order to get further possible help from other participants when needed (without any guarantees). 3. The principle of the MMM functioning. 4. The section of the website where the reviews of the participants are reflected (Happiness Letters). MY PAGE PO. Рersonal office section that reflects the general and personal information of the participant (for example, invite, name, surname, status, country, contact details etc.) NEWS. Section of the website where daily news of the system are published. OC. Online Consultant. Service that allows to answer the questions of the visitors of the website in chat or via voice in real time. OF. WEBSITE. Official website of the system. ORDER. Order given by the operator to the participant who wants to provide help transferring money to the recipient´s account. PAUSE. Pause Mode. Special mode of the system that can be introduced in case of panics among participants in order to prevent massive cash outflow and avoid critical situation. The pause is introduced for the certain period of time to calm down panic mood of the participants. The participants continue to get payments but on special conditions. No special restrictions for new contributions are introduced. PARTICIPANT (abr. part.). Person registered at the website that participates in the system in conformance with the regulations. PO DESKTOP. Section in the PO used to purchase or sell MAVROs. PRINCIPAL. The participant who entrusted the management of his personal area to the manager. RANK, -s. Status of the manager according to the number of his descendants (at all levels) who made deposits. The rank is showed in the PO through the logo. For example, squirrel, wolf, eagle, lion, dragon, panther etc. . REGISTRATION (abr. reg). Registering the participant in the system. RESTART. Full reload (relaunch) of the system and setting all previous “contributions” to zero. REF. LINK. Referral link. Link to the website that contains the invite of the referrer. REFERRAL. A person who has been registered following somebody´s referral link. It means the participant invited to the system by another participant. REFERRER. The participant who invited the beginner to the system using his or her referral link or invite. REQUEST. Created in the PA (Desktop). The request for providing or getting help on the basis of which the orders are assigned. PYRAMID. Financial pyramid. 1. The way of providing income to the participants of the structure due to the constant money inflows. The income is paid to the participants at the cost of the further participants. 2. The principle of work of any financial pyramid. SCAMMER. Thief, swindler, persons who deceive other for their own benefit. SCREENSHOT (abr. screen). Photo of the monitor, image that reflects what the user sees at the monitor of the device. Usually, it is digital image produced by the operational system or other program. SPM. Sergey Panteleevich Mavrodi. STRUCTURE. Hierarchical branch of the manager of the System. Every manager develops its own structure getting manager´s bonuses. SUPPORT. Technical support service in the PO. TROLL. Anonym, provocator, irritant, instigator. VALUE. ”Deposit”. The sum of the provided help in money equivalent without interest rates and bonuses. It means the sum of money transferred to the banking accounts of other participants in order to provide them voluntary and grant help. VACATIONS. Vacations mode in the PO allows to pause the participation in the system for the certain period of time. For example, when you can´t provide help for the absence of the internet connection. WEBINAR. Online workshop. A type of web-conference, holding online meetings or presentations via Internet in the real. Participants’ Testimonials Why do people choose MMM? Nowadays MMM Community has evolved rapidly to the amazing scales. The number of people is constantly growing, the system is developing very quickly, every second person provides help each other all over the world. What can be better? Let’s just analyze several testimonials of people who explained why they had chosen MMM! «Good afternoon dear Sergey Mavrodi and inhabitants of planet Earth! I would like to thank the founder of MMM!!! Frankly saying, social opinion imposed us by the TV and yellow press already did a lot to give us negative perception and hostility towards a genius man! However, we need to have our own opinion, and we can draw it up only tasting its flavor. I’ve been in the network marketing for a long time, I participated in many HYIPs and pyramids. Nevertheless, I was surprised by the HONESTY of Mavrodi and his WILLINGNESS TO HELP people. Everybody says - invest your money here, pay the registration and after the close of matrix get enormous sum and you will get a new lease of live but nobody says «GUYS, THIS IS A PYRAMID, AND ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS»! At the same time, our dear and respected Sergey Mavrodi says it! Says it openly! He gave us a fishing reel - now use it or sit at the bank claiming how difficult our life is - that’s your decision. Now be clever, be responsible for your deeds and build up your destiny! I choose the fishing rod!» «Earlier, SLAVES were given a roof over their heads, clothes and cheap food. They were forced to work so much that they only had time to recover in order to work next day. Now, many of is are forced to work 24/7 to pay the roof over the head and buy cheap food and clothes. The family just can’t remain at the same financial level if not removed products of work. Slavery hasn’t disappeared, it has evolved. I am ready TO HOLD MY DEPOSIT IN THE SYSTEM FOREVER JUST TO HELP THE COMMUNITY TO DESTROY THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND ALL SOCIAL STRUCTURE.» «Hello Sergey Mavrodi, thank you for the opportunity you gave the retirees to feel the support that allows to live better but not to survive with miserable pensions from he government» «I joined MMM System because my family needed money to purchase a new housing. Without MMM reaching this goal would have a lot of obstacles…Credits and so on…Well, I just gave up…The second child was born recently, and we got the certificate for the maternal capital. I tried to realize it…but the opportunity to get it was only if take a loan in the bank…And you know what credit is. I am programmer and earn money enough only for food and paying the rent of the apartment. I can’t even buy clothes for my family…without mentioning new house or apartment…with so miserable salary…Earlier apartments were given by the government but the queues were really long…people had to wait for 5-10 years. However, it was better than nothing… Now we don’t have even it in our «Wonderful Country». Now I’ve become depositor in MMM and I believe I will be able to purchase a new apartment….And hope dies last as we know. P.S. I believe everybody deserves at least the roof over the head…» And we have millions of such stories! People who join the Community really change, change inside, they become more kind. And of cause richer…many times richer! Success Stories Let’s take a look at the reveiws of those who got help. They are so-called Lettes of Happiness. They are really worth our attention. «Hi MMM Community! This is Noi Alcaraz, a Manager from Legazpi City, Albay Philippines I asked for assistance n the amount of 17,000 Php on May 8, 2015. Today May 9, 2015 I received all the asiistance. I am so happy for MMM. I am very grateful for this community. Thank You so much. Long Live MMM» «I am muhammad arafah an ordinary participant of MMM global.I live in indonesian.last december 2014 I provided helpb for the sum of $50 and I get bonus provide help $20 and also I get new year bonus $10.yeterday may 8st I get help $130.i want to say thank you so much all participants who have provide help to me and of course the founder of this unique community- SERGEY MAVRODI! MMM GLOBAL RULES! TOGETHER WE CANGAE THE WORLD.» «Dear Sir, I am Amit Singh....I am From Pratapgarh.... I provided assistance of 50000 Rs. on 20 april 2015 and I Received 64500 Rs. on 09/05/2015.... I am Very Induced From Sergey Mavrody's Ideology and his Post Script That Financial Apocalypse is Necessary....and me also on the way to Complete The Mission...."Together We Can Change The World" & I Believe that "We Will Do So"....So,Long Live MMM Always....» «MY NAME IS RAJESH SONKAR. I AM A MMM MEMBER. I AM FROM NAVSARI GUJARAT. I GET HELP Rs. 62500/- ON DT. 07/05/2015 & RECEIVED Rs. 50000/- ON DT 09/05/2015. I AM VERY HAPPY . PL SEND BALANCE AMOUNT OF Rs. 12500/- AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. THANK U. LONG LIVE MMMMMMMMMMMMM.» A great number of such letters are sent to the system every day. MMM CHINA COMMUNITY is constantly growing and a number of positive letters is growing as well. Mass media about MMM Mass media usually work for the government, which is not a secret. Obviously, there are independent sources but they belong to magnates. And as we know advertising MMM in the mass media isn’t useful both for government and magnates…as it is a great threat for their welfare. We have to remember that personal interests are the main priority for such people, they don’t mind regular citizens. Day after day we observe our government and magnates violating the rights of ordinary people. The mass media they own often say negative things about the System. They even try not to mention it at all or make negative advertisement antagonizing people against the Community. There are cases when newspapers get many letters from regular citizens asking to put questions to Sergey Mavrodi. Mass media have no other choice than putting these questions, and Sergey Mavrodi gives prudent answers. Naturally, this situation doesn’t suit magnates and government, the reason why they accompany all interviews with their comments antagonizing society against the system. However, observing recent dynamics we can see that all efforts to destroy the Community are useless. The System develops at all costs! Real people who have own opinion, their conversations with fellows and real examples destroy any negative pressure of the mass media. Regular citizens stop trusting TV and newspapers, they start believing in real examples of the participants, listen testimonials. Finally, they decide to join the Community to work for the benefit of the whole world! Aiming to create a world of happy people. Make yourselves and all planet happier! Join the MMM Community and together we will change this world for the better!! Now, not only oligarchs and high officials but regular citizens will enjoy their lives! Since now everything will be as it must be!

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